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How to get or set the positions of the segments by programmatically in UWP Diagram(SfDiagram)?

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ToPoints() and LoadSegments() methods of the IConnectorInfo can be used to retrieve and update the positions of the connector segments respectively.


//Initialize the SfDaigram
SfDiagram diagram = new SfDiagram();
//Initialize the connectors collection
diagram.Connectors = new ConnectorCollection();
//Create the new connector view model
ConnectorViewModel connector = new ConnectorViewModel()
    SourcePoint = new Point(400,400),
    TargetPoint = new Point(800,200),
//To add the connector into connector collection 
(diagram.Connectors as ConnectorCollection).Add(connector);
//Initialize the list of points.
List<Point> segmentsPoints = new List<Point>() { new Point(20, 20), new Point(30, 30) };
// Set segment points to the connector segment using LoadSegment() method.
(connector.Info as IConnectorInfo).LoadSegments(segmentsPoints);
//To get segment points of the connector segment
IEnumerable<Point> segmentPoints = (connector.Info as IConnectorInfo).ToPoints();


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