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How to bind a list of Tuple in WPF Charts?

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This article describes how to bind the list of tuples as ItemSource in WPF Chart.

A tuple is a data structure that contains a sequence of elements of different data types. Tuple can be used as a model data for data source.

Let us see the simple example of displaying currency information in WPF chart using the tuple by following these steps:


Step 1: Create the required view model with collection property of tuple type to store the currency code and the currency name.

    public class CurrencyViewModel
         /// <summary>
         /// Tuple to store Currency information
         /// </summary>
        public List<Tuple<string, double>> Tuples
        public CurrencyViewModel()
            Tuples = new List<Tuple<string, double>>();
            Tuples.Add(new Tuple<string, double>("Dollar", 784));       
            Tuples.Add(new Tuple<string, double>("Euro", 978));  
            Tuples.Add(new Tuple<string, double>("Yen", 484));
            Tuples.Add(new Tuple<string, double>("Peso", 554));
            Tuples.Add(new Tuple<string, double>("Riyal", 682));
            Tuples.Add(new Tuple<string, double>("Rupee", 840));        


Step2 : Bind the Tuples property as ItemSource and just bind Item1 and Item2 to XBindingPath and YBindingPath properties of series, respectively.


    <!--Assign the DataContext-->
        <chart:SfChart Width="500" Height="400">
                <chart:CategoryAxis />
                <chart:NumericalAxis />
            <!--Bind Tuples to Series-->
            <chart:ColumnSeries ItemsSource="{Binding Tuples}"      Palette="BlueChrome" XBindingPath="Item1" YBindingPath="Item2" />



Tuple as ItemSource of chart series.


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