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How to show google map in WPF Map (SfMap)

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This article explains how to use google maps API to show that in Syncfusion WPF SfMap as shown in the following image.




Display the Google Maps


Step 1


Extend the ImageryLayer class and overriding the GetUri method and pass the google map tile Uri on it with their X, Y and Scale values as shown in the following code sample.



    public class ImageryLayerExt : ImageryLayer
        protected override string GetUri(int X, int Y, int Scale)
            var link = "" + X.ToString() + "&y=" + Y.ToString() + "&z=" + Scale.ToString();
            return link;


Step 2


Added the extended ImageryLayer (ImageryLayerExt) to its layers collection of maps to render the map control OSM layer as shown in the following code sample.





View the sample in GitHub.


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