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How to get the dynamic theme change effect in numeric control inside the Xamarin.Forms text input layout (SfTextInputLayout)?

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This article explains how to dynamically change the theme when having a UI contains the  Syncfusion Xamarin Forms NumericTextBox inside the SfTextInputLayour as follows.


dynamic theme effect


In case of requirement to have a specific control’s theme effect, add the SfNumericTextBoxStyles and SfTextInputLayoutStyles by following the provided guidelines in this link.



                <syncTheme:LightTheme />
                <buttons:SfButtonStyles />
    <StackLayout Margin="20" VerticalOptions="CenterAndExpand">
            <syncfusion:SfNumericTextBox  Value="123.45" />
        <Button  Text="Light" x:Name="button" Clicked="Button_Clicked"   
                 VerticalOptions="Center" />


On the button click, remove the previously added theme and add a new required theme to the merged dictionaries as follows.



        private void Button_Clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
            ICollection<ResourceDictionary> mergedDictionaries = Application.Current.Resources.MergedDictionaries;
            if (button.Text == "Light")
                var lightTheme = mergedDictionaries.OfType<LightTheme>().FirstOrDefault();
                if (lightTheme != null)
                mergedDictionaries.Add(new DarkTheme());
                button.Text = "Dark";
                var darkTheme = mergedDictionaries.OfType<DarkTheme>().FirstOrDefault();
                if (darkTheme != null)
                mergedDictionaries.Add(new LightTheme());
                button.Text = "Light";



View the sample in GitHub.

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Hope you enjoyed learning about How to get the dynamic theme change effect in numeric control inside the Xamarin.Forms text input layout (SfTextInputLayout).

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