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How to customize the day, week, month header of Schedule view in the Flutter Calendar

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In the Flutter Event Calendar, you can customize the day, month, week header of schedule view by using the DayHeaderSettings, WeekHeaderSettings, MonthHeaderSettings properties of ScheduleViewsettings.

    child: SfCalendar(
  view: CalendarView.schedule,
  scheduleViewSettings: ScheduleViewSettings(
      dayHeaderSettings: DayHeaderSettings(
          dateTextStyle: TextStyle(color:, fontSize: 10),
          dayFormat: 'EEEE',
          dayTextStyle: TextStyle(color:, fontSize: 10)),
      weekHeaderSettings: WeekHeaderSettings(
          weekTextStyle: TextStyle(
          startDateFormat: 'MMMM dd, yyyy',
          endDateFormat: 'MMMM dd, yyyy'),
      monthHeaderSettings: MonthHeaderSettings(
          monthFormat: 'MMM  yyyy',
          backgroundColor: Colors.teal,
          monthTextStyle: TextStyle(color:,textAlign:,
  dataSource: _getCalendarDataSource(),

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