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How to load the google calendar events to the Flutter Calendar (SfCalendar) in iOS

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In the Flutter Event Calendar, load the google calendar events to the Flutter calendar in iOS platform.

STEP 1: Add the required packages in the dependencies of Pubspec.yaml.

    sdk: flutter
  syncfusion_flutter_calendar: ^18.3.40
  intl: ^0.16.0
  google_sign_in: ^4.4.6
  googleapis_auth: ^0.2.11+1
  googleapis: ^0.54.0
  cupertino_icons: ^0.1.2

STEP 2:  Create a project in firebase and configure the created sample to the firebase project. Kindly refer the following link.

STEP 3: As per the steps in the above link configure the firebase with the created sample and add the iOS bundle ID (Take a bundle ID from project.pbxproj file of the Runner.xcodeproj folder in iOS project). Register the app with firebase and download the GoogleService-Info.plist.

bundle id

STEP 4: In the Project settings of the Firebase project, add the Project name and the Support email. Then Enable the Google Sign in and click Save in the Authentication tab.


STEP 4: Import the Firebase package and add the following lines in the AppDelegate.


STEP 5: Add the following lines in the Podfile.

pod file

STEP 6: Open the Runner folder in XCode of the project then drag and drop the GoogleService-Info.plist file into that folder.

client id

STEP 7: Call the GoogleSignIn method to authenticate Google users.

final GoogleSignIn _googleSignIn = GoogleSignIn(
      'OAuth Client ID',
  scopes: <String>[

STEP 8: Google provides googleAPI.Event class which holds the details about the google events. Use these API’s in override methods.

class GoogleDataSource extends CalendarDataSource {
  GoogleDataSource({List<googleAPI.Event> events}) {
    this.appointments = events;
  DateTime getStartTime(int index) {
    final googleAPI.Event event = appointments[index];
    return ?? event.start.dateTime.toLocal();
  bool isAllDay(int index) {
    return appointments[index] != null;
  DateTime getEndTime(int index) {
    final googleAPI.Event event = appointments[index];
    return event.endTimeUnspecified != null && event.endTimeUnspecified
        ? ( ?? event.start.dateTime.toLocal())
        : ( != null
            ? -1))
            : event.end.dateTime.toLocal());
  String getLocation(int index) {
    return appointments[index].location;
  String getNotes(int index) {
    return appointments[index].description;
  String getSubject(int index) {
    final googleAPI.Event event = appointments[index];
    return event.summary == null || event.summary.isEmpty
        ? 'No Title'
        : event.summary;

STEP 9: To load the google events, create async method named as getGoogleEventsData() and get the data from google calendar using googleAPI.Event. Find the following code snippet for the same.

Future<List<googleAPI.Event>> getGoogleEventsData() async {
  final GoogleSignInAccount googleUser = await _googleSignIn.signIn();
  final GoogleAPIClient httpClient =
      GoogleAPIClient(await googleUser.authHeaders);
  final googleAPI.CalendarApi calendarAPI = googleAPI.CalendarApi(httpClient);
  final googleAPI.Events calEvents = await
  Final List<googleAPI.Event> appointments = <googleAPI.Event>[];
  if (calEvents != null && calEvents.items != null) {
    for (int i = 0; i < calEvents.items.length; i++) {
      final googleAPI.Event event = calEvents.items[i];
      if (event.start == null) {
  return appointments;

STEP 10: Using the FutureBuilder widget, display the google calendar data. Based on the, load that google calendar events to the Flutter calendar.

child: FutureBuilder(
  future: getGoogleEventsData(),
  builder: (BuildContext context, AsyncSnapshot snapshot) {
    return Container(
        child: Stack(
      children: [
          child: SfCalendar(
            view: CalendarView.month,
            dataSource: GoogleDataSource(events:,
            monthViewSettings: MonthViewSettings(
        ), != null
            ? Container()
            : Center(
                child: CircularProgressIndicator(),

View sample in GitHub

Google calendar events


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