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How to change the size of the circle of Scattered chart?

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You can change the size of the circle by changing the size of the Symbol of chartStyleInfo.


 void series2_PrepareStyle(object sender, ChartPrepareStyleInfoEventArgs args)


        ChartSeries series = sender as ChartSeries;

         if (series != null)


args.Style.Text = string.Format("{0}", series.Points[args.Index].YValues[0]);

args.Style.Symbol.Shape = ChartSymbolShape.Circle;

//Change the size of symbol

args.Style.Symbol.Size = new Size(50, 50);




Private Sub series2_PrepareStyle(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As ChartPrepareStyleInfoEventArgs)

 Dim series As ChartSeries = CType(IIf(TypeOf sender Is ChartSeries, sender, Nothing), ChartSeries)

   If Not series Is Nothing Then

   args.Style.Text = String.Format("{0}", series.Points(args.Index).YValues(0))

     args.Style.Symbol.Shape = ChartSymbolShape.Circle

      'Change the size of symbol

   args.Style.Symbol.Size = New Size(50, 50)

  End If

 End Sub

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