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How to customize Toolbar items in Chart Control?

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The WinForms Chart built-in Toolbar can be displayed by setting the ShowToolbar property as true. The toolbar is customized by adding or removing the toolbar Items and customizing the appearance of the toolbar.


Customizing Toolbar Items Appearance

The appearance of the chart Toolbar and its items can be customized by using the following properties.

  • ButtonBackColor
  • ButtonForeColor
  • Border style
  • AutoSize
  • ButtonSize
  • Spacing
  • ShowBorder



//Show the chart toolbar.
this.chartControl1.ShowToolbar = true;
// Specifes ToolBar style
this.chartControl1.ToolBar.AutoSize = true;
this.chartControl1.ToolBar.Border.ForeColor = Color.Blue;
this.chartControl1.ToolBar.BackColor = Color.BlanchedAlmond;
// Specifies the Toolbar Item Style.
this.chartControl1.ToolBar.ButtonBackColor = Color.White;
this.chartControl1.ToolBar.ButtonForeColor = Color.Maroon;


Adding Items in chart Toolbar

Add the custom toolbar items by using the ChartToolBarCommandItem in the Toolbar Items collection as shown in the following code example to ZoomIn and ZoomOut.



//Adding the custom Toolbar items.
ChartToolBarCommandItem zoomIn = new ChartToolBarCommandItem();
zoomIn.Command = ChartCommands.ZoomIn;
zoomIn.ToolTip = "ZoomIn";
ChartToolBarCommandItem zoomOut = new ChartToolBarCommandItem();
zoomOut.Command = ChartCommands.ZoomOut;
zoomOut.ToolTip = "ZoomOut";



Customized chart Toolbar with ZoomIn and ZoomOut toolbar items


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