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How to dock the chart legend programmatically?

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The chart legend can be docked using the Dock property of Dockpanel class and aligned using the Alignment property

The following codes are used to add the legend to a chart, dock the legend to a position, and set its alignment respectively


<syncfusion:Chart.Legends>    <syncfusion:ChartLegend syncfusion:ChartDockPanel.Dock="Top" syncfusion:ChartDockPanel.Alignment="Near"/> </syncfusion:Chart.Legends>  

When the floating mode is used, the legend can be placed at any place within the chart area using the margin property of the legend class. The following code illustrates how to place the legend in floating mode.

<syncfusion:ChartLegend syncfusion:ChartDockPanel.Dock="Floating" Margin="10,10,10,10"/>

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