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Changing the color of the LineConnector in WinForms Diagram

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Change lineConnector color

You can change the color of the LineConnector while activating the LineTool. You have customize LineTool and LineBase class. In the Mouse up event of LineTool class you can change the color of the link.

Please refer to the following code snippet in CustomLineConnector class.

public override Tool ProcessMouseUp( MouseEventArgs evtArgs )
CompleteAction( ptStart, ptEnd );
private void CompleteAction( PointF ptStart, PointF ptEnd )
Node node = CreateNode( ptStart, ptEnd );
node.LineStyle.LineColor = Color.Red;
//To activate the LineTool in MainForm.cs
MyLineTool linetool = new MyLineTool(this.diagram1.Controller);
Public Overrides Function ProcessMouseUp(ByVal evtArgs As MouseEventArgs) As Tool
CompleteAction(ptStart, ptEnd)
End Function
Private Sub CompleteAction(ByVal ptStart As PointF, ByVal ptEnd As PointF)
Dim node As Node = CreateNode(ptStart, ptEnd)
node.LineStyle.LineColor = Color.Red
End Sub
''To activate the LineTool in MainForm.cs
Dim linetool As MyLineTool = New MyLineTool(Me.diagram1.Controller)

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