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How to highlight a series while doing MouseMove on the chart?

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Points on the chart can be optionally highlighted when the mouse hovers over them. This can be accomplished by enabling the AutoHighlight property of the ChartControl class.The Auto Highlight color for any series can be changed by setting the color at the HighlightInterior property of ChartStyleInfo class.


// Highlighting the chart series

this.chartControl1.AutoHighlight = true;

// Specifies the color for the Highlight interior color for the series

this.chartControl1.Series[0].Style.HighlightInterior = new BrushInfo(GradientStyle.BackwardDiagonal, Color.LightBlue, Color.AntiqueWhite);


' Highlighting the chart series

Me.chartControl1.AutoHighlight = True

Me.chartControl1.Series(0).Style.HighlightInterior = New BrushInfo(GradientStyle.BackwardDiagonal, Color.LightBlue, Color.AntiqueWhite)

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