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How to change chart title position in the Word document?

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Syncfusion Essential DocIO is a .NET Core Word library used to create, read, and edit Word documents programmatically without Microsoft Word or Interop dependencies. Using this library, you can change chart title position in the Word document in C#.

Steps to change chart title position in the Word document

  1. Create a new C# .NET Core console application project. Create .NET Core console application in Visual Studio in ASP.NET Core Word
  2. Install the Syncfusion.DocIO.Net.Core NuGet package as a reference to your .NET Core applications from Add DocIO.Net.Core NuGet packages of ASP.NET Core Word
  3. Include the following namespace in the Program.cs file.


using Syncfusion.DocIO;
using Syncfusion.DocIO.DLS;
using Syncfusion.OfficeChart;



Microsoft Word doesn't have a direct property to set the chart title position. Use a manual layout to change the chart title position.

  1. Use the following code example to change chart title position in the Word document using manual layout.


//Create a new Word document.
using (WordDocument document = new WordDocument())
    //Add a section to the document.
    IWSection section = document.AddSection();
    //Add a paragraph to the section.
    IWParagraph paragraph = section.AddParagraph();
    //Create and append the chart to the paragraph.
    WChart chart = paragraph.AppendChart(446, 270);
    //Set chart type.
    chart.ChartType = OfficeChartType.Pie;
    //Set chart title.
    chart.ChartTitle = "Sales Report";
    //Set position for title area using manual layout.
    chart.ChartTitleArea.Layout.ManualLayout.LeftMode = LayoutModes.edge;
    chart.ChartTitleArea.Layout.ManualLayout.TopMode = LayoutModes.edge;
    chart.ChartTitleArea.Layout.ManualLayout.Left = 0.041214980185031891;
    chart.ChartTitleArea.Layout.ManualLayout.Top = 0.0560000017285347;
    //Set chart data.
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(1, 1, "");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(1, 2, "Sales");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(2, 1, "Phyllis Lapin");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(2, 2, 141.396);
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(3, 1, "Stanley Hudson");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(3, 2, 80.368);
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(4, 1, "Bernard Shah");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(4, 2, 71.155);
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(5, 1, "Patricia Lincoln");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(5, 2, 47.234);
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(6, 1, "Camembert Pierrot");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(6, 2, 46.825);
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(7, 1, "Thomas Hardy");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(7, 2, 42.593);
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(8, 1, "Hanna Moos");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(8, 2, 41.819);
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(9, 1, "Alice Mutton");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(9, 2, 32.698);
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(10, 1, "Christina Berglund");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(10, 2, 29.171);
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(11, 1, "Elizabeth Lincoln");
    chart.ChartData.SetValue(11, 2, 25.696);
    //Create a new chart series with the name “Sales”.
    IOfficeChartSerie pieSeries = chart.Series.Add("Sales");
    pieSeries.Values = chart.ChartData[2, 2, 11, 2];
    //Set data label.
    pieSeries.DataPoints.DefaultDataPoint.DataLabels.IsValue = true;
    pieSeries.DataPoints.DefaultDataPoint.DataLabels.Position = OfficeDataLabelPosition.Outside;
    //Set category labels.
    chart.PrimaryCategoryAxis.CategoryLabels = chart.ChartData[2, 1, 11, 1];
    //Set legend.
    chart.Legend.Position = OfficeLegendPosition.Left;
    //Create a file stream.
    using (FileStream outputFileStream = new FileStream(Path.GetFullPath(@"../../../Sample.docx"), FileMode.Create, FileAccess.ReadWrite))
        //Save the Word document to the file stream.
        document.Save(outputFileStream, FormatType.Docx);

A complete working sample to change chart title position in the Word document in C# can be downloaded from GitHub.

By executing the program, you will get the output document as follows.

Output document generated in ASP.NET Core Word

Take a moment to peruse the documentation, where you can find basic Word document processing options along with the features like mail mergemerge and split documents, find and replace text in the Word document, protect the Word documents, and most importantly, the PDF and Image conversions with code examples.

Explore more about the rich set of Syncfusion Word Framework features.

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