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How to add striplines to X Axis and Y axis?

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Essential Chart supports to display striplines along X-Axis and Y-Axis. A stripline can be created using ChartStripLine class. A stripline can be customized by setting background color, foreground color, Text Alignment, Font etc.

A stripline it can be added to PrimaryXAxis or PrimaryYAxis property using StripLine.Add() method. Starting position, Ending Position and Width of the stripline can be specified using Start,End,Width properties.The interior style can be applied using Interior property.


// Creating Stripline

private ChartStripLine XLine = new ChartStripLine();

XLine.Enabled = true;

XLine.Vertical = true;

//Specifying its position

XLine.Start = 2;

XLine.Width = 0.5;

XLine.End = 3;

XLine.Text = "XLine";

XLine.TextColor = Color.Blue;


XLine.Font = new Font(XLine.Font.FontFamily.Name,12);

XLine.Interior = new BrushInfo(230, new BrushInfo(GradientStyle.Vertical,Color.LightYellow, Color.Yellow));

//Adding to the Axes



'Creating Stripline

Dim XLine As ChartStripLine = New ChartStripLine();

XLine.Enabled = True

XLine.StartAtAxisPosition = False

XLine.Vertical = True

' Specifying its position

XLine.Start = 2

XLine.Width = 0.5

XLine.End = 3

XLine.Text = "XLine"

XLine.TextColor = Color.Blue


XLine.Font = New Font(XLine.Font.FontFamily.Name,12)

XLine.Interior = New BrushInfo(230, New BrushInfo(GradientStyle.Vertical,Color.LightYellow, Color.Yellow))

' Adding to the Axes


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