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How can I apply FillStyle.Color property to grouped nodes?

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There is no directed way to fill the interier of grouped nodes with required color. But you can try the following workaround. In the attached sample first, I have ungrouped all the grouped nodes by using UnGroup() method of WinForms Diagram Controller. Then iterated through the Nodes collection and set the FillStyle.Color for each node. Finally grouped all nodes by using Group() method. You can use the FillPath.FillStyle.Color to fill the interior of node with required color.


FilledPath fillpath;
foreach (Node node in this.diagram1.Model.Nodes)
fillpath = (FilledPath)(((node is FilledPath) ? node : null));
fillpath.FillStyle.Color = Color.Green;



Dim fillpath As FilledPath
For Each node As Node In Me.diagram1.Model.Nodes
If (TypeOf node Is FilledPath) Then
fillpath = CType((node), FilledPath)
fillpath = CType((Nothing), FilledPath)
End If
fillpath.FillStyle.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Blue
Next node


I hope you enjoyed learning about how can I apply FillStyle.Color property to grouped nodes.

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