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How to load words from the file and and set as keywords dynamically in WinForms SyntaxEditor (EditControl)?

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Custom configuration language

To set the words from the file as keywords dynamically, we need to use custom configuration language and need to create custom keyword format and apply to each word in the file.


string path = @"..\\..\\temp\\test.txt";
this.editControl1.Font = new Font("Times New Roman", 13);
//Create a new configuration language - Script
IConfigLanguage currentConfigLanguage = this.editControl1.Configurator.CreateLanguageConfiguration("Script");
//Create a new format - Keyword and set its attributes
ISnippetFormat keywordFormat = this.editControl1.Language.Add("Keyword");
keywordFormat.FontColor = Color.Blue;
keywordFormat.Font = new Font(this.editControl1.Font.FontFamily, this.editControl1.Font.Size);
string str = "";
using (FileStream fs = File.Open(path, FileMode.Open))
   byte[] b = new byte[1024];
   UTF8Encoding temp = new UTF8Encoding(true);
   while (fs.Read(b, 0, b.Length) > 0)
      str = temp.GetString(b);
char[] ch = { ''\r'', ''\n'' };
string[] str1= str.Split(ch,StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
//Create a lexem - this that belongs to the format - Keyword
foreach(string s in str1)
   configLex[i] = new ConfigLexem(s, "", FormatType.Custom, false);
   configLex[i].IsBeginRegex = true;
   configLex[i].FormatName = "Keyword"; this.editControl1.Language.Lexems.Add(configLex[i]);
   //Add it to the current language''s lexems collection this.editControl1.Language.ResetCaches();
   //Apply the modified configuration language



Dim path As String = "..\\..\\temp\\test.txt"
Me.editControl1.Font = New Font("Times New Roman", 13)
''Create a new configuration language - Script
Dim currentConfigLanguage As IConfigLanguage = Me.editControl1.Configurator.CreateLanguageConfiguration("Script")
''Create a new format - Keyword and set its attributes
Dim keywordFormat As ISnippetFormat = Me.editControl1.Language.Add("Keyword")
keywordFormat.FontColor = Color.Blue
keywordFormat.Font = New Font(Me.editControl1.Font.FontFamily, Me.editControl1.Font.Size)
Dim str As String = ""
Using fs As FileStream = File.Open(path, FileMode.Open)
     Dim b() As Byte = New Byte(1023){}
     Dim temp As UTF8Encoding = New UTF8Encoding(True)
     Do While fs.Read(b, 0, b.Length) > 0
         str = temp.GetString(b)
End Using
Dim ch() As Char = { ControlChars.Cr, ControlChars.Lf }
Dim str1() As String= str.Split(ch,StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
'' Create a lexem - this that belongs to the format - Keyword
For Each s As String In str1
     configLex(i) = New ConfigLexem(s, "", FormatType.Custom, False)
     configLex(i).IsBeginRegex = True
     configLex(i).FormatName = "Keyword"
     ''Add it to the current language''s lexems collection
     ''Apply the modified configuration language
     i += 1
Next s


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