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How do I makeAccess2007 as front end and create word document with Essential DocIO?

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You can make Access 2007 as front end to create word document by creating COM Interop assemblies and then bind it to the Access2007 form using Macros.

Steps to generate a report from MS-Access:

  • Create a .net library to generate report using DocIO.
  • On the "Application" tab click the "Asembly Information" and make assembly COM-visible as “true"
  • On the "Build" tab check the "Register for COM interop" checkbox (towards the bottom: you may need to scroll down). Also strong name the assembly by signing it.
  • Build the application to generate the signed and interop assemblies.
  • Open Access2007, Now go to VBA editor (Tools->Macros).
  • Include a reference to our created new library. Select "References" on the Visual Basic Editor "Tools" menu
  • Add a new code module. You can do this with the Insert/Module command on the menu. Value can be binded dynamically with a Form and generate the report.
  • Now run the macro to generate a report.
  • Please download the sample from the below link which demonstrates the use of Access2007 database,
    • Place the "Data" folder in [C:]. This part of the code is hard coded.
    • Open the Northwind.accdb from the "FinalResult" folder.
    • Enable macros when prompted.
    • Goto Forms and select Form12.
    • Run it and then click "Generate report" to generate the word documents.
    • Browse through the data by navigating and then click generate report for generating reports based on OrderID.



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