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How to change the GridCell's border margins, styles and appearance in WinForms GridControl?

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The GridControl supports the Borders property to change the appearance of the grid cell's border. You can configure each border side of the cell individually with a GridBorder value. A border margins property is present to control the margins on all four sides.

Using GridModel


//Borders and styles on all four sides of the cell
this.gridControl1.RowStyles[1].Borders.All = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Dashed, Color.Red, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick);
//Borders and styles on the anyone of the side in the cell
this.gridControl1.RowStyles[2].Borders.Bottom = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.DashDotDot, Color.Pink, GridBorderWeight.ExtraThick);
this.gridControl1.RowStyles[4].Borders.Top = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.DashDot, Color.Purple, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick);
this.gridControl1.RowStyles[3].Borders.Right = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Dotted, Color.Gold, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick);
this.gridControl1.RowStyles[5].Borders.Left = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Solid, Color.Yellow, GridBorderWeight.Thick);
//BorderMargin on the cell
this.gridControl1.RowStyles[1].BorderMargins.Right = 20;
this.gridControl1.RowStyles[2].BorderMargins.Left = 22;
this.gridControl1.RowStyles[3].BorderMargins.Top = 24;
this.gridControl1.RowStyles[4].BorderMargins.Bottom = 21;


'Borders on all four sides of the cell
Me.gridControl1.RowStyles(1).Borders.All = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Dashed, Color.Red, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick)
'Borders on the anyone of the side in the cell
Me.gridControl1.RowStyles(2).Borders.Bottom = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.DashDotDot, Color.Pink, GridBorderWeight.ExtraThick)
Me.gridControl1.RowStyles(4).Borders.Top = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.DashDot, Color.Purple, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick)
Me.gridControl1.RowStyles(3).Borders.Right = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Dotted, Color.Gold, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick)
Me.gridControl1.RowStyles(5).Borders.Left = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Solid, Color.Yellow, GridBorderWeight.Thick)
'BorderMargin on the cell
Me.gridControl1.RowStyles(1).BorderMargins.Right = 20
Me.gridControl1.RowStyles(2).BorderMargins.Left = 22
Me.gridControl1.RowStyles(3).BorderMargins.Top = 24
Me.gridControl1.RowStyles(4).BorderMargins.Bottom = 21

Using QueryCellInfo Event


void gridControl1_QueryCellInfo(object sender, GridQueryCellInfoEventArgs e)
 if (e.ColIndex > 0)
  if (e.RowIndex == 1 )
   //Borders and styles on all four sides of the cell
   e.Style.Borders.All = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Dashed, Color.Red,    GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick);
   e.Style.BorderMargins.Right = 20;
  //Borders and styles on the anyone of the side in the cell
  else if (e.RowIndex == 2 )
   e.Style.Borders.Bottom = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.DashDotDot,  Color.Pink, GridBorderWeight.ExtraThick);
   e.Style.BorderMargins.Left = 22;
  else if (e.RowIndex == 3 )
   e.Style.Borders.Right = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Dotted, Color.Gold, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick);
   e.Style.BorderMargins.Top = 24;
  else if (e.RowIndex == 4 )
   e.Style.Borders.Top = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.DashDot, Color.Purple, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick);
   e.Style.BorderMargins.Bottom = 21;
  else if (e.RowIndex == 5 )
   e.Style.Borders.Left = new GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Solid, Color.Yellow, GridBorderWeight.Thick);


Private Sub gridControl1_QueryCellInfo(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridQueryCellInfoEventArgs)
If e.ColIndex > 0 Then
 If e.RowIndex = 1 Then
  'Borders on all four sides of the cell
  e.Style.Borders.All = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Dashed, Color.Red, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick)
  e.Style.BorderMargins.Right = 20
  'Borders on the anyone of the side in the cell
 ElseIf e.RowIndex = 2 Then
  e.Style.Borders.Bottom = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.DashDotDot, Color.Pink, GridBorderWeight.ExtraThick)
  e.Style.BorderMargins.Left = 22
 ElseIf e.RowIndex = 3 Then
  e.Style.Borders.Right = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Dotted, Color.Gold, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick)
  e.Style.BorderMargins.Top = 24
 ElseIf e.RowIndex = 4 Then
  e.Style.Borders.Top = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.DashDot, Color.Purple, GridBorderWeight.ExtraExtraThick)
  e.Style.BorderMargins.Bottom = 21
 ElseIf e.RowIndex = 5 Then
  e.Style.Borders.Left = New GridBorder(GridBorderStyle.Solid, Color.Yellow, GridBorderWeight.Thick)
 End If
End If
End Sub

After applying the properties, the border of the cell is displayed as follows.

Changing the appearance of the border of the cell

Figure 1: Changing the appearance of the border of the cell.


C#: Cell border style

VB: Cell border style

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