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How to retrieve the text from a cell in WinForms GridControl?

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Retrieve the text

You can retrieve the text from a cell by using the Text property, CellValue property or FormattedText property of the cell’s style object.

Using GridModel


int rowIndex = 2, colIndex = 3;
// using Text property
string cellText = gridControl1[rowIndex, colIndex].Text;
// using CellValue property
object cellTextValue = gridControl1[rowIndex, colIndex].CellValue;
// using FormattedText property
string formattedText= gridControl1[rowIndex, colIndex].FormattedText;


Dim rowIndex As Integer = 2, colIndex As Integer = 3
' using Text property
Dim cellText As String = gridControl1(rowIndex, colIndex).Text
' using CellValue property
Dim cellTextValue As Object = gridControl1(rowIndex, colIndex).CellValue
' using FormattedText property
Dim formattedText As String= gridControl1(rowIndex, colIndex).FormattedText

Using QueryCellInfo event


//Hook the Events in Form_Load
gridControl1.QueryCellInfo += gridControl1_QueryCellInfo;
void gridControl1_QueryCellInfo(object sender, GridQueryCellInfoEventArgs e)
    // check for particular cell
    if (e.RowIndex == 2 && e.ColIndex == 3)
        string text = e.Style.Text;
        object cellValue = e.Style.CellValue;
        string formattedText = e.Style.FormattedText;


'Hook the Events in Form_Load
gridControl1.QueryCellInfo += gridControl1_QueryCellInfo
Private Sub gridControl1_QueryCellInfo(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridQueryCellInfoEventArgs)
   ' check for particular cell
   If e.RowIndex = 2 AndAlso e.ColIndex = 3 Then
       Dim text As String = e.Style.Text
       Dim cellValue As Object = e.Style.CellValue
       Dim formattedText As String = e.Style.FormattedText
   End If
End Sub



Depending upon exactly what object is stored in the CellValue property, you have to perform the additional work to retrieve a ’usable value’ from the style. Refer to the specific examples regarding the ColorEdit control and the NumericUpDown controls in the Controls section of this FAQ.



C#: RetriveTextSample




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