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How to use the Outlining feature of the WinForms SyntaxEditor (EditControl)?

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Outlining feature

The SyntaxEditor (EditControl) supports a manual Outlining feature, with directions explained below.

1. First set the following property to True.


editControl1.OutliningEnabled = true;

2. To perform the outlining, you can do the following.

Build your project with OutliningEnabled set to True.

In the EditControl, select the lines that you want to group as an outlining object. Once selected, right click and choose "Outlining -> Hide Selection". Now you can collapse / expand the outlining group.

Programmatically, Outlining->Hide Selection invokes HideAsOutlining() (public method of the EditControl). This will create an outlining object for the currently selected text and collapse the selection.

3. To toggle the outlining programmatically for a given line, you can call,


public bool ToggleOutliningExpansion(int ln)

4. To expand,


public void ExpandOutlining(int ln)

5. To collapse,


public void CollapseOutlining(int ln)

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