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How to set custom indicators to denote white spaces in WinForms SyntaxEditor (EditControl)?

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Space indicator character

You could set custom indicators for white spaces by using the EditControl's NewLineString, TabString and SpaceChar sub-properties of the WhiteSpaceIndicators property as shown in code below.


this.editControl1.WhiteSpaceIndicators.NewLineString = "LF";
this.editControl1.WhiteSpaceIndicators.TabString = "TAB";
this.editControl1.WhiteSpaceIndicators.SpaceChar = "s";



Me.editControl1.WhiteSpaceIndicators.NewLineString = "LF"
Me.editControl1.WhiteSpaceIndicators.TabString = "TAB"
Me.editControl1.WhiteSpaceIndicators.SpaceChar = "s"



The EditControl's ShowWhiteSpaces property has to be set to true for this purpose.


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