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How to hide the Grid cell's borders, column and row headers while printing?

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You can hide the Grid cell's borders and column and row headers while printing by setting the following properties.


//To hide cell borders and headers while printing.
this.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintHorzLines = false; 
this.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintVertLines = false; 
this.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintFrame = false; 
this.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintColHeader = false; 
this.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintRowHeader = false;



'To hide cell borders and headers while printing.
Me.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintHorzLines = False
Me.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintVertLines = False
Me.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintFrame = False
Me.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintColHeader = False
Me.gridControl1.Model.Properties.PrintRowHeader = False

The following is the screenshot for print preview dialog after removing the CellBorder and Row and Column headers.

Showing cellborder, row and column headers are hidden in printpreview

Sample Link:


C#: Hiding while printing CS

VB: Hiding while printing VB

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