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How do I set the format for the drop-down list of the GridFilterBar's DateTime column in the GDBG?

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After wiring the grid, you can explicitly adjust the FilterBar's droplists. The attached sample changes the FilterBar's droplist date-time format.


/Wire the GridFilterBar

GridFilterBar filter = new GridFilterBar();


//change the dateformats for the GridFilterBar dropdown

int col = this.gridDataBoundGrid1.Binder.NameToColIndex("Col1");

if(col > -1)


DataTable dt1 = (DataTable) this.gridDataBoundGrid1[1, col].DataSource;

for(int i = 2; i <dt1.Rows.Count; ++i)

dt1.Rows[i][0] = DateTime.Parse((string) dt1.Rows[i][0]).ToShortDateString();




Wire the GridFilterBar

Dim filter As New GridFilterBar()


'change the dateformats for the GridFilterBar dropdown

Dim col As Integer = Me.gridDataBoundGrid1.Binder.NameToColIndex("Col1")

If col > - 1 Then

Dim dt1 As DataTable = CType(Me.gridDataBoundGrid1(1, col).DataSource, DataTable)

Dim j As Integer

For j = 2 To dt1.Rows.Count - 1

dt1.Rows(j)(0) = DateTime.Parse(CType(dt1.Rows(j)(0), String)).ToShortDateString()


End If

Here is the link with both CS and VB samples:

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