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How to underline text between two given offsets in the WinForms SyntaxEditor (EditControl)?

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The SyntaxEditor (EditControl) allows you to underline any desired text in its contents. Underlines can be of different styles, colors, and weights with each of them being used to convey a different meaning. Please refer the below code snippets.


// Starting offset converted to virtual point
Point pt1 = this.editControl1.ConvertOffsetToVirtualPosition(inputDialog.Point1);
// Ending offset converted to virtual point
Point pt2 = this.editControl1.ConvertOffsetToVirtualPosition(inputDialog.Point2);
this.editControl1.SetSelection(pt1.X, pt1.Y, pt2.X, pt2.Y);
ISnippetFormat format = editControl1.RegisterUnderlineFormat(Color.Red, UnderlineStyle.Wave, UnderlineWeight.Thick);
this.editControl1.SetUnderline (this.editControl1.Selection.Top, this.editControl1.Selection.Bottom, format);



' Starting offset converted to virtual point
Dim pt1 As Point = Me.editControl1.ConvertOffsetToVirtualPosition(inputDialog.Point1)
' Ending offset converted to virtual point
Dim pt2 As Point = Me.editControl1.ConvertOffsetToVirtualPosition(inputDialog.Point2)
Me.editControl1.SetSelection(pt1.X, pt1.Y, pt2.X, pt2.Y)
Dim format As ISnippetFormat = editControl1.RegisterUnderlineFormat(Color.Red,UnderlineStyle.Wave,UnderlineWeight.Thick)
Me.editControl1.SetUnderline (Me.editControl1.Selection.Top, Me.editControl1.Selection.Bottom, format)


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