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What are the assemblies needed to deploy with Essential Grid?

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The following Syncfusion Assemblies need to be in the /bin (output) folder along with your assembly(s) created using Essential Grid. They can also be in the GAC, in which case, they should be referenced with strong name(s) in the aspx files.

  • Syncfusion.Core.dll
  • Syncfusion.Shared.Base.dll
  • Syncfusion.Shared.Web.dll
  • Syncfusion.Shared.Windows.dll
  • Syncfusion.Grouping.Base.dll
  • Syncfusion.Grouping.Web.dll
  • Syncfusion.Grid.Grouping.Web.dll
  • Syncfusion.Grid.Base.dll
  • Syncfusion.Grid.Windows.dll
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