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How to create an object for Essential Grid in ClientSide? And How to invoke it?

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The Get() method of the __EssentialGridCollection can be used to create an object for GridGroupingControl in ClientSide. Please refer the below code snippet which illustrates this:

$script type="text/javascript">

var SelectRowId

function createObject()


// Creates an object for Essential GridGroupingControl

var gridObj = __EssentialGridCollection.Get("GridGroupingControl1");

// below code Will invoke the OnSelectedrowChanged eventhandler.

gridObj.onselectedrowchanged =OnSelectedRowChanged;


function OnSelectedRowChanged(gridobj,tr)


//Code to access the selected record.



The craeteObject() has to be invoked like below:



//Will invokes the Created object on Page load



Note: Here "$" symbol has been used instead of "<".


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