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How to place a custom control in the HTML document at design time in WinForms HTMLUIControl?

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Custom controls

The custom controls are not standard HTML elements, but they are user defined controls that are created by the user for improving the application's richness and productivity.

The custom tag is used to include the custom controls in the HTML document. The custom tag comes with two attributes, the 'assembly' and the 'class'.

The 'assembly' attribute refers to the namespace where the control is located, and the 'class' attribute represents the control. The 'class' is a member of the 'asssembly'.

A HTML document containing custom controls is shown below.

<div>CheckBoxAdv:<CUSTOM class="Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.CheckBoxAdv" assembly=""></CUSTOM></div>
<div>NumericUpDown:<CUSTOM class="NumericUpDown" assembly="System.Windows.Forms"></CUSTOM></div>


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