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How to auto extend a column to fill the available space in the WinForms GridGroupingControl?

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Handle QueryColWidth event

To dynamically change the column widths, you have to handle the Grid's QueryColWidth event. The following example shows how you can have the right-most or the left-most column grow to fill the Grid's client area as the Grid size changes.


//Defines the columns to fill the space in the table.
void TableModel_QueryColWidth(object sender, GridRowColSizeEventArgs e)
   switch (_colSizeBehavior)
       case colSizeBehavior.RightColumn:
               if(e.Index == this.gridGroupingControl1.TableDescriptor.VisibleColumns.Count)
                  e.Size = this.gridGroupingControl1.ClientSize.Width - this.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.ColWidths.GetTotal(0,
                  this.gridGroupingControl1.TableDescriptor.VisibleColumns.Count - 1);
                  e.Handled = true;
       case colSizeBehavior.LeftColumn:
               if(e.Index == this.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.Cols.FrozenCount + 1)
                  int leftPiece = this.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.ColWidths.GetTotal(0, this.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.Cols.FrozenCount);
                  int rightPiece = this.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.ColWidths.GetTotal(this.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.Cols.FrozenCount + 2, this.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.ColCount);
                  e.Size = this.gridGroupingControl1.ClientSize.Width - leftPiece - rightPiece;
                  e.Handled = true;


'Defines the columns to fill the space in the table.
Private Sub TableModel_QueryColWidth(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridRowColSizeEventArgs)
   Select Case _colSizeBehavior
       Case colSizeBehavior.RightColumn
                If e.Index = Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableDescriptor.VisibleColumns.Count Then
                   e.Size = Me.gridGroupingControl1.ClientSize.Width - Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.ColWidths.GetTotal(0, Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableDescriptor.VisibleColumns.Count - 1)
                   e.Handled = True
                End If
       Case colSizeBehavior.LeftColumn
                If e.Index = Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.Cols.FrozenCount + 1 Then
                   Dim leftPiece As Integer = Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.ColWidths.GetTotal(0, Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.Cols.FrozenCount)
                   Dim rightPiece As Integer = Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.ColWidths.GetTotal(Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.Cols.FrozenCount + 2, Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.ColCount)
                   e.Size = Me.gridGroupingControl1.ClientSize.Width - leftPiece - rightPiece
                   e.Handled = True
                End If
       Case Else
   End Select
End Sub

After applying the properties, the Grid looks like the following screenshot.

Left column to fill the available space in Grid

Figure 1: The left column to fill the available space


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