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How to create HyperLink column based on the values of multiple columns?

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To create HyperLink column based on multiple column values, the record should be accessed first and then the column values should be accessed from that record. These values are being used as the parameters for the HyperLink. Please refer the below code snippet which illustrates this:


protected string GetProductHyperLink(GridCell container)


Record rowRecord = container.Row.Record;

object Notes = rowRecord.GetValue("first Column name").ToString();

object stockName = rowRecord.GetValue("second Column Name").ToString();

return "" + stockName.ToString()+"N="+Notes.ToString();



Protected Function GetChartHyperLink(ByVal container As GridCell) As String

Dim rowRecord As Record = container.Row.Record

Dim Notes = rowRecord.GetValue("Notes").ToString()

Dim stockName = rowRecord.GetValue("StockName").ToString()

Return "" & stockName & "N=" & Notes

End Function

In the above snippet,

  • Each record is accessed by container.Row.Record.
  • The value of each column is accessed by the GetValue method in which the name of column has to be mentioned.


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