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How do I remove the licensing error popup, that occurs each time I run my application?

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Resolving the licensing error popup that occurs while running an application

The following information are some trouble shooting tips that will help in configuring the system for a specifc version of Syncfusion Essential Studio and to get out of some common licensing issues due to version conflicts.

This following points assume that the user is using the version and the .NET framework 2.0.

  • Please rename the following folders {Install Drive}:\Program Files\Syncfusion\Essential Studio\Assemblies and {Install Drive}:\Program Files\Syncfusion\Essential Suite\Assemblies, if found in the system. This is to make sure that the assemblies for the project are picked up from the public assemblies(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PublicAssemblies) folder alone.
  • Run the AssemblyManager from the Start --> All Programs --> Syncfusion --> Essential Studio --> Utilities --> Assembly Manager.
  • In the AssemblyManager, select the 'Remove All Versions' option and then click 'Perform Action'. This will remove all the Syncfusion assemblies from the GAC(C:\Windows\Assembly) and the public assemblies folder({Install Drive}:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PublicAssemblies).
  • Then in the AssemblyManager, select the 'Install version' option and then click the 'Perform Action'. This will install the Syncfusion assemblies of version in the GAC and the public assemblies folder.
  • Delete the project output (bin/ and obj/) folders.
  • Open the project. In the Solution Explorer of the specific project, for each Syncfusion assembly in the reference tree, open the properties window and check whether the 'path' refers to the public assemblies folder mentioned above and the 'version' of the assembly is The 'SpecifcVersion' property should be made false. This will help the user to build the project with any 6.1.x.xx version of Syncfusion.
  • In the Solution Explorer, click 'Show All Files'. In the project tree, please check if there is a file called 'licenses.licx' with the below entry, Syncfusion.Core.Licensing.LicensedComponent, Syncfusion.Core. If this is not found, or it is different then replace the file with the one attached here. Add this to the project. Open the properties of this file. Change the 'BuildAction' property to be 'Embedded Resource' and run the project.
  • A Licensing Error message appears as shown here. Please click 'FixIt'.
  • Then a LicensingEnabler dialog appears as shown here. Please click 'Ok'.
  • Then a file ModificationDetected dialog appears as shown here. Please click 'Reload'. This message appears because the obj/debug/*.exe.licenses file have been modified to include the Syncfusion licensing information. Inorder to embed this info into the output exe, the user needs to rebuild the application. Please check that this file has the concerned Syncfusion version information. If this contains any other version number to the one that the user is using, the Licensing Error message will appear every time the user runs the application.
  • Please rebuild and run the application once again. This time the user should not see the above mentioned messages.
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