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How to determine which item was selected In the GroupView.GroupViewItemSelected event handler

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The GroupView control’s SelectedItem property returns the index of the item selecting which triggered the GroupViewItemSelected event.

Important: Please note that when the GroupView control is used in the non-ButtonView mode, the SelectedItem index is a transient value and is valid only as long as the cursor remains over the item that was clicked. This is by design intent as moving the cursor away from the selected/highlighted item will transfer it to a non-selected/non-highlighted state. If certain tasks, such as displaying a message box, that would transfer the cursor/focus from the control are likely to be performed within the event handler, then it is imperative that a local reference to the selected index be cached beforehand. This is demonstrated in the following code:


private void gvcPersonal_GroupViewItemSelected(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


int nselected = this.gvcPersonal.SelectedItem;

 if(nselected >= 0)







Private  Sub gvcPersonal_GroupViewItemSelected(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

 Dim nselected As Integer =  Me.gvcPersonal.SelectedItem

 If nselected >= 0 Then



 End If

End Sub

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