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How to incorporate the XPMenus framework into my application in WinForms Menu control?

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XPMenus framework

The XPMenus framework used as a replacement to the menus provided by the .NET framework. Using them both in an application will result in improper behavior.

Basically, a MainFrameBarManger (for designing a MDIContainer in an MDI scenario or a top-level form in an SDI scenario) or ChildFrameBarManager (for designing a MDIChild in an MDI scenario) are going to use in a XP Menus framework.

The BarManager is used to add a main menu and toolbars to the forms. Main-Menus and toolbars of an MDIChild form will be seamlessly merged with its parent’s during run-time.

BarItems should be added into the BarManager, representing each user selectable / clickable item in the menu / toolbar after that they can be draged-and-droped into the toolbars and submenus as desired in a WYSIWYG design-time.


Please take a look at our user’s guide for a step by step tutorial on how to incorporate XP Menus in forms.


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