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How do I work with multiple versions of Essential Suite in Miscellaneous Install and Configuration?

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Work with multiple versions of Essential Suite


We allow switching between multiple versions of our assemblies, if available. You can have multiple versions of our assemblies in your system and switch between them as follows.

All our installs come with a pre-compiled folder (the Essential Suite\PreCompiledAssemblies) that includes the dlls pertinent to a particular version.

For Reinstalls:

When the time comes for a complete reinstall, you should SAVE the pre-compiled dlls of the current version (for example, the Essential Suite\PreCompiledAssemblies\ folder) and then uninstall your Essential Suite installation.

Then install the new version ( for example). After which you should copy over the saved ( folder to the new installation’s PreCompiledAssemblies folder.

For patches:

A patch will only add new folders to the PreCompiledAssemblies, not delete the current ones. So, you do not have to undergo the above steps.

Switching between versions:

While by default, your apps will be linking to the latest version ( version, for example), you could temporarily switch to the old ( version by running the AssemblyManager tool (in the Essential Suite\Assembly Manager folder). When you run the tool, it will show you any available older versions which you can select. Now when you reopen your projects they will be linking to the older version. You could later go back to the latest version by running the tool again and selecting "Default Prebuilt Release" (for the latest version).

This way you can have multiple versions of the dlls in your system and switch between them as necessary.

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