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How do I use GetColumnName of GGC in QTP?

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To make use of the GetColumnName, tablename and column index are needed. tablename can be known from GetTableName or GetTableNameByLevel. In GetTableName function, the row index is passed ie. the display element index, for GetTableNameByLevel, just the hierarchy level is passed. The sample script below retrieves the fourth column name of the first child table.



SwfWindow("GridGroupingControl").SwfObject("gridGroupingControl1").SetCurrentCell 5,"parentID"

SwfWindow("GridGroupingControl").SwfObject("gridGroupingControl1").ExpandRecord 5

tablename = SwfWindow("GridGroupingControl").SwfObject("gridGroupingControl1").GetTableName(10)

'tablename = SwfWindow("GridGroupingControl").SwfObject("gridGroupingControl1").GetTableNameByLevel(1)

colIndex = 5 ' just the 4th column but including the +/- button as 1st column, this is 5th column

colname = SwfWindow("GridGroupingControl").SwfObject("gridGroupingControl1").GetColumnName(tablename, colIndex)

MsgBox "The name of the column in thechild table is " & colname

Note : The display element index is dynamic based on the elements displayed in the screen, please refer to KB How to manager row index in GridGroupingControl

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