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How to compare two cell values of the same row and apply styles to the cells depending on the comparision?

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To apply styles to the Grid cells we have to use QueryCellStyleInfo event.

Please refer the below code snippet which illustrates how to compare two cell values of the same row and apply styles to the cells depending on the comparision:


protected void GridGroupingControl1_QueryCellStyleInfo(object sender,

Syncfusion.Web.UI.WebControls.Grid.Grouping.GridTableCellStyleInfoEventArgs e)


   if ((e.TableCellIdentity.TableCellType ==

GridTableCellType.RecordFieldCell ||

   e.TableCellIdentity.TableCellType ==



          if (e.Style.TableCellIdentity.RowIndex ==5)


if (e.TableCellIdentity.Column.Name == "Numbers1")


  val1 = (System.Int32)e.Style.CellValue;


if (e.TableCellIdentity.Column.Name == "Numbers2")


    val2 = (System.Int32)e.Style.CellValue;


if ((val2 < val1) && (e.TableCellIdentity.Column.Name == "Numbers2") &&

(e.Style.CellValue.ToString() == val2.ToString()))

e.Style.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue;

else if ((e.TableCellIdentity.Column.Name == "Numbers1") &&

(e.Style.CellValue.ToString() == val1.ToString()))

e.Style.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Orange;





Public Sub GridGroupingControl1_QueryCellStyleInfo(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Syncfusion.Web.UI.WebControls.Grid.Grouping.GridTableCellStyleInfoEventArgs)

If (e.TableCellIdentity.TableCellType = GridTableCellType.RecordFieldCell OrElse e.TableCellIdentity.TableCellType = GridTableCellType.AlternateRecordFieldCell) Then

If e.Style.TableCellIdentity.RowIndex = 5 Then

If e.TableCellIdentity.Column.Name = "Numbers1" Then

val1 = CInt(e.Style.CellValue)

End If

If e.TableCellIdentity.Column.Name = "Numbers2" Then

val2 = CInt(e.Style.CellValue)

End If

If (val2 < val1) AndAlso (e.TableCellIdentity.Column.Name = "Numbers2") AndAlso (e.Style.CellValue.ToString() = val2.ToString()) Then

e.Style.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue

ElseIf (e.TableCellIdentity.Column.Name = "Numbers1") AndAlso (e.Style.CellValue.ToString() = val1.ToString()) Then

e.Style.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Orange

End If

End If

End If

End Sub

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