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Why the Syncfusion ASP.NET Web Forms sample not working in the sample browser?

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Error: Unable to open Web project 'ProjectName'. The file path 'FilePath' does not correspond to the URL 'ProjectURL'. The two need to map to the same server location. Error:404 object not found.

This error in an Asp.Net project might occur in various scenarios.

Here as the virtual directories and other settings are correct, it could be because your system might not allow the usages of period ('.') symbol in virtualdirectoryname. Also you might either be using IIS 6.0, IIS 5.0 or later with UrlScan and IISLockdown.

See here for more details on UrlScan and IISLockdown.


To rectify this, set 'AllowDotInPath=1 which allow dots that are not file extensions' option in URLScan, that allows '.' operator to be used in virtual directory name.

Visit the following link to know more on virtual directory settings:

About Urlscan

Many attacks launched against web servers involve a maliciously crafted URL. The URL may be unusually long, may be encoded by an alternate character set or may include character sequences which are not common to a legitimate request. Such URLs, if processed by the IIS server, may cause severe damage to the server and/or the web site hosted by it. In order to prevent this, Microsoft has developed a tool known as Urlscan.

As the name suggests, Urlscan scans all incoming URL requests. Based on a set of pre-established rules, Urlscan filters out the request and sends only valid data to the server process. It provides an option to store the filtered requests in a log file.

It is important to note that Urlscan is practically obsolete with IIS 6.0. Most of the features provided by Urlscan have either been implemented by default in IIS or can be enabled by simply modifying registry keys.

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