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Does the CurrencyTextBox control support displaying negative values?

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Yes, the CurrencyTextBox can display negative values. The format of the negative value depends on the property CurrencyNegativePattern.

This property can have one of the values in the following table. The symbol"$" CurrencySymbol, the symbol "-" is the NegativeSign,and n is a number.

ValueAssociated Pattern0($n)1-$n2$-n3$n-4(n$)5-n$6n-$7n$-8-n $9-$ n10n $-11$ n-12$ -n13n- $14($ n)15(n $) These values are the same as the values for NumberFormatInfo.CurrencyNegativePattern in the .NET Framework. The CurrencyTextBox will only recognize values in the form of -n (Negative sign followed by number) for setting a negative value through the Text property or by pasting from the clipboard.

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