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What is the reason to use XP Tabs instead of the .NET TabControlAdv?

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Reason for XP tabs instead of TabControlAdv

Right out of the box, the XP Tabs provide you the following improvements over the Windows Forms TabControl.

1. Latest 2D style and Workbook style for tabs.

2. Relative Image Alignment, such as left of text, below text, etc.

3. Custom background colors and fonts for active, inactive, and individual tabs.

4. Custom tab gaps and tab padding.

5. Rotate text when aligned to the left or right.

6. Partial owner draw lets you draw certain portions of the tab and delegate the rest to the default drawing logic.

7. User moveable tabs.

8. Different scroll button styles like 3D, 2D, and VS.NET style.

The highly scalable architecture, however, lets you do a lot more:

1. Easily create custom Tab Styles by deriving from few classes and implementing a few interfaces. Our samples come with a lot of custom Tab Style implementations for your reference.

2. Also lets you plug in your custom Tab Style implementations into the XP Tabs designer.

3. Adjust the border colors for a custom look and feel.

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