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How to modify the look and feel of the customization dialog in WinForms Menu(MainFrameBarManager)?

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Customization dialog

The Customization Dialog contains a UserControl that contains the tab control you see in the dialog. Our framework lets you derive from this UserControl (class CustomizationPanel), apply changes in the derived Control (add new Control, change properties of existing Controls, etc.), and then plug this modified CustomizationPanel-derived class into the framework.

Here are the steps:

1) In your project, select "Add Inherited Control..." in the "Add" menu. In the subsequent dialog, browse to the Syncfusion.Tools.dll assembly (in the ..\Essential Suite\Assemblies folder) and pick the CustomizationPanel class to derive from. Call the derived class DerivedCustPanel, for example.

2) In your derived control’s designer, you can apply your changes to existing controls, add new controls, etc.

3) Plug-in this derived control into the BarManager as follows:


// In the Form's constructor, after calling InitializeComponent:
this.mainFramebarManager1.CustomizationDialog.SetCustomizationPanel(new DerivedCustPanel());


' In the Form's constructor, after calling InitializeComponent:
Me.mainFramebarManager1.CustomizationDialog.SetCustomizationPanel(New DerivedCustPanel())

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