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How to provide the ArrayList as data to the AutoCompleteTextBox control?

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The ProvideChoiceListOnCallBack event is used to provide user defined data to the control. [Applicable only in 2.0]


protected void AutoCompleteTextBox1_ProvideChoiceListOnCallback(object sender, Syncfusion.Web.UI.WebControls.Tools.ACUserChoiceListEventArgs e)


ArrayList syncProducts = new ArrayList();

syncProducts.Add("Essential Calculate");

syncProducts.Add("Essential Chart");

syncProducts.Add("Essential Diagram");

syncProducts.Add("Essential Edit");

e.ChoiceList = syncProducts;



Protected Sub AutoCompleteTextBox1_ProvideChoiceListOnCallback(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Syncfusion.Web.UI.WebControls.Tools.ACUserChoiceListEventArgs)

syncProducts As ArrayList = New ArrayList()

syncProducts.Add("Essential Calculate")

syncProducts.Add("Essential Chart")

syncProducts.Add("Essential Diagram")

syncProducts.Add("Essential Edit")

e.ChoiceList = syncProducts

End Sub

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