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How to set the width for the SuperToolTip?

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To set the width for the SuperToolTip control, use MaxWidth property. By using MaxWidth property, you can change the ToolTip size dynamically.

MaxWidth is used to provide maximum width for the tooltip to be displayed. When the text of the tooltip exceeds the maxwidth, the text wraps to the next line.


Refer to the following code examples.



//Specifies the maximum width of the SuperToolTip
this.superToolTip1.MaxWidth = 100;



'Specifies the maximum width of the SuperToolTip
Me.superToolTip1.MaxWidth = 100


Figure 1:SuperToolTip specified with MaxWidth is 100 and ToolTip text is wrapped to next line.


Sample Links:

C#: SuperToolTip_Width_C#

VB: SuperToolTip_Width_VB

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