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What is the reason for MDIListMenuItem property does not work with VS 2005 MenuStrip component in WinForms TabbedMDIManager?

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Reason for MDIListMenuItem does not work with menu strip component

TabbedMDIManager.MDIListMenuItem uses System.Windows.Forms.MenuItem for its implementation. Since .Net 2.0 MenuStrip uses System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripMenuItem, so it is not possible to associate TabbedMDIManager.MDIListMenuItem (MenuItem) to ToolStripMenuItem. But this can be achieved by TabbedMDIManager.MDIListToolStripItem. Please refe the below code snippet which illustrates this:


this.tabbedMDIManager.MDIListToolStripItem = this.openToolStripItem;


Me.tabbedMDIManager.MDIListToolStripItem = Me.openToolStripItem


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