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How to give multiple lines to SuperToolTip for a control?

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In order to give multiple lines to SuperToolTip, click on the Text property of the ComboBox from Body, Header and Footer in the property grid.


Figure 1: Property Grid

A listbox appears where you can type the text and press the enter key in order to move to the next line as shown in the following image.

Figure 2: ToolTip Editor (Text specified with multiple line)

The following code example demonstrates the same.


//Initialize the ToolTipInfo
Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.ToolTipInfo toolTipInfo = new Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.ToolTipInfo();
//To specify the ToolTip Text with multiple lines
toolTipInfo.Body.Text = "SuperToolTip can have mulitple\r\nlines of text\r\n\r\nUser can choose any color from \r" + "\nthe Color Dialog";
toolTipInfo.Footer.Text = "Footer (Can be hidden using\r\n Hidden property)";
toolTipInfo.Header.Text = "ToolTip Header";
//To assign the SuperToolTip
this.superToolTip1.SetToolTip(this.textBox1, toolTipInfo);


'Initialize the ToolTipInfo
Dim toolTipInfo As New Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.ToolTipInfo()
'To specify the ToolTip Text with multiple lines
toolTipInfo.Body.Text = "SuperToolTip can have mulitple" & Constants.vbCrLf & "lines of text" & Constants.vbCrLf & Constants.vbCrLf & "User can choose any color from " & Constants.vbCr + Constants.vbLf & "the Color Dialog"
toolTipInfo.Footer.Text = "Footer (Can be hidden using" & Constants.vbCrLf & " Hidden property)"
toolTipInfo.Header.Text = "ToolTip Header"
'To assign the SuperToolTip
Me.superToolTip1.SetToolTip(Me.textBox1, toolTipInfo)

Note: The ToolTip Editor window appears when you click on the ToolTip on SuperToolTip1 property.

Figure 3: ToolTip Text specified with multiple line

Sample Links:

C#: SuperToolTip_MultiLine_Support_C#

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