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How to add TabPrimitives and set tooltips for the WinForms TabControlAdv?

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Add TabPrimitives

The TabPrimitives can be added by the TabPrimitivesHost property. The TabControlAdv supports various types of TabPrimitives also with a custom primitive option.

After adding the TabPrimitives to the TabControlAdv either through the TabPrimitive Collection Editor in the designer or through code as given below, the TabcontrolAdv.TabPrimitiveHost.Visible property should be set to True, to make the TabPrimitives visible. Refer to the code snippet and attached sample.


this.tabControlAdv1.TabPrimitivesHost.TabPrimitives.Add(new TabPrimitive(TabPrimitiveType.FirstTab, null, Color.Empty, true, 1, "TabPrimitive0", "FirstTab"));
this.tabControlAdv1.TabPrimitivesHost.Visible = true;


Me.tabControlAdv1.TabPrimitivesHost.TabPrimitives.Add(New TabPrimitive(TabPrimitiveType.FirstTab, Nothing, Color.Empty, True, 1, "TabPrimitive0", "FirstTab"))
Me.tabControlAdv1.TabPrimitivesHost.Visible = True

Similarly, the TabPrimitives can be added for LastTab, FirstPage, NextPage, PreviousPage, NextTab, PreviousTab, Close, DropDown and Custom.

To make the ToolTips appear when the mouse hovered on TabPrimitives, set the ShowToolTips property as True.


this.tabControlAdv1.ShowToolTips = true;


Me.tabControlAdv1.ShowToolTips = True

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