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How to set Office2007 style and color schemes for the Editor controls?

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Office2007 style and color schemes

The Editor Controls that are categorized as CalendarDateTime controls (DateTimePickerAdv, MonthCalendarAdv), ComboBox Controls (ComboBoxAdv, ComboDropDown), SelectOption controls (RadioButtonAdv, CheckBoxAdv) etc., can have their visualstyle set as Office2007 using the Style property. Also, Office2007ColorScheme can be set by using the Office2007Theme property. Refer to the below given code snippet.


//Office2007Style for DateTimePickerAdv
this.dateTimePickerAdv1.Style = VisualStyle.Office2007;
this.dateTimePickerAdv1.Office2007Theme = Office2007Theme.Blue;


'Office2007Style for DateTimePickerAdv
Me.dateTimePickerAdv1.Style = VisualStyle.Office2007
Me.dateTimePickerAdv1.Office2007Theme = Office2007Theme.Blue

Other controls such as NumericUpDownExt, domainUpDownExt and so on can have their VisualStyle property set as Office2007. The Office2007ColorScheme for these controls can be set using the ColorScheme property.


//Office2007Style for DomainUpDownExt
this.domainUpDownExt1.VisualStyle = VisualStyle.Office2007;
 this.domainUpDownExt1.ColorScheme = Office2007Theme.Blue;


'Office2007Style for DomainUpDownExt
Me.domainUpDownExt1.VisualStyle = VisualStyle.Office2007
Me.domainUpDownExt1.ColorScheme = Office2007Theme.Blue

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