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How can I add or remove an Item from Gallery dynamically ?

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Items can be added or removed from from the gallery dynamically. The following example show how to add an item and how to remove an item from the GalleryControl.


//Adding an item to the gallery Control Gallery myGallery = new Gallery (); GalleryItem item = new GalleryItem(); item.Content = "Text " + myGallery.SelectedItem.Items.Count.ToString(); item.Caption = "Caption " + myGallery.SelectedItem.Items.Count.ToString(); item.Description = myGallery.SelectedItem.Name; myGallery.SelectedItem.Items.Add(item); //Removing an Item from the gallery control. myGallery.SelectedItem.Items.Remove(myGallery.SelectedItem.SelectedItems[0]); //Adding a group to the GalleryControl. GalleryGroup group = new GalleryGroup(); group.Header = "GalleryGroup " + myGallery.Items.Count.ToString(); myGallery.Items.Add(group); //Removing a Group from the galleryControl. myGallery.Items.Remove(myGallery.SelectedItem);

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