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How can I enable the properties of Wizard Buttons to give them the same look-n-feel as we have given to other buttons?

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The buttons in the WizardControl have their FlatStyle settings set to System by default (themes enabled) and hence all custom color settings get ignored. If you set them to standard as shown below, the BackColor/ForeColor settings work as expected.


this.wizardControl1.BackButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard;

this.wizardControl1.NextButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard;

this.wizardControl1.CancelButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard;

this.wizardControl1.FinishButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard;

this.wizardControl1.HelpButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard;


Me.WizardControl1.BackButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard

Me.WizardControl1.NextButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard

Me.WizardControl1.CancelButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard

Me.WizardControl1.FinishButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard

Me.WizardControl1.HelpButton.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Standard


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