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How to change the width of the WinForms DateTimePicker (DateTimePickerAdv) when it is in the standard format?

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Date time Format

It is possible to adjust the width of the DateTimePickerAdv when it is in standard format. The width of the DateTimePickerAdv is calculated by adding the following constraints.

  • Width of the DateTimePickerUpDownButton
  • Width of the DateTimePickerDropButton
  • Font size of the DateTimePickerAdv
  • The length of the DataTimePickerAdv's Value in the specified standard format.


//New font size is set here.
this.dateTimePickerAdv1.Font = new Font("Tahoma", 13);
this.dateTimePickerAdv1.ShowCheckBox = false;
this.dateTimePickerAdv1.ShowUpDown = true;
this.dateTimePickerAdv1.AutoSize = false;
this.dateTimePickerAdv1.AutoSizeMode = AutoSizeMode.GrowOnly;
this.dateTimePickerAdv1.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Long;
int updownWidth = 0, dropWidth = 0;
//Calculating the UpDown and DropDown button width
foreach (Control ctrl in this.dateTimePickerAdv1.Controls)
    if (ctrl.GetType().ToString() == "Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.DateTimePickerUpDownButton")
        updownWidth = ctrl.Size.Width;
    else if (ctrl.GetType().ToString() == "Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.DateTimePickerDropButton")
        dropWidth = ctrl.Size.Width;
//Sum up the width of drop down button, updown button and font.
int nWidth = dropWidth + updownWidth + Convert.ToInt32(this.dateTimePickerAdv1.Font.Size * this.dateTimePickerAdv1.Value.ToLongDateString().Length);
this.dateTimePickerAdv1.Width = nWidth;



''Font is set
Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.Font = New Font("Tahoma", 13)
Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.ShowCheckBox = False
Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.ShowUpDown = True
Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.AutoSize = False
Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.AutoSizeMode = Windows.Forms.AutoSizeMode.GrowOnly
Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Long
Dim updownWidth As Integer = 0, dropWidth As Integer = 0
''Calculating the UpDown and DropDown button width
For Each ctrl As Control In Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.Controls
   If ctrl.GetType().ToString() = "Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.DateTimePickerUpDownButton" Then
      updownWidth = ctrl.Size.Width
   ElseIf ctrl.GetType().ToString() = "Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.DateTimePickerDropButton" Then
      dropWidth = ctrl.Size.Width
   End If
Next ctrl
''Sum up the width of drop down button, updown button and font.
Dim nWidth As Integer = dropWidth + updownWidth + Convert.ToInt32(Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.Font.Size * Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.Value.ToLongDateString().Length)
Me.DateTimePickerAdv2.Width = nWidth


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