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Checking whether an ASP.NET application, which is hosted in IIS, picks the proper versions of Syncfusion assemblies

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Please perform the following steps to pick the proper versions of Syncfusion assemblies.


1)     Download and install the process monitor from the following path, which is used to find the loaded modules (assemblies) from the ASP.NET application.


Process Monitor


2)     Run your ASP.NET application as well as Process Monitor.

3)     You can now view the w3wp.exe in Process Monitor and select the process indicated in the below screen shot

Process Monitor wizard


4)     After selecting the process, the Event Properties window will be displayed.



Event properties window for the selected process


5)     In the Event Properties window, select the Process tab. 


Process tab in the Event Properties window


6)     Click any one of the Syncfusion assemblies in the modules list in the Event Properties window.


select any one of the Syncfusion assemblies in the modules list in Event Properties window


The version and path of the selected assembly will be displayed.


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