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How can we add Custom Add-In function in XlsIO?

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In order to make XlsIO to use unknown function/Add-ins like Bloomberg, we need to register it as custom add-in function and make XlsIO to recognize it and use these functions as formulas in XlsIO. We can do that by using the following code:


IAddInFunctions unknownFunctions = workbook.AddInFunctions;
unknownFunctions.Add( "blp" );
//Use Function
sheet.Range[ "A3" ].Formula = "blp(A1+\" CORP\",\"PX_LAST\")";



Dim unknownFunctions As IAddInFunctions = workbook.AddInFunctions
'Use Function
 sheet.Range("A3").Formula = "blp(A1+"" CORP"",""PX_LAST"")"


Here is the sample for your reference:


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