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How to create XBAP application with full trust using Syncfusion controls in WPF DataGrid?

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XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs) are the combination of Web applications and rich-client applications. As Web applications, XBAPs are deployed to a Web server and started from a web browser (for example Firefox). As rich-client applications, XBAPs can take advantage of the capabilities of WPF. Developing XBAPs is also similar to rich-client development.

The following are the steps to create the XBAP application with full trust.

Step 1: Creating full trust XBAP Application

Create full trust XBAP application that uses the Syncfusion controls. When you create a new project in Visual Studio, select WPF Browser Application from the list of templates.

Then you can implement your requirements in the application using Syncfusion controls. If XBAP requires full trust, you can change your project to enable this permission. In Visual Studio, you can open your project properties->Security->This is a full trust application


Step 2: Authentication of the application

You can sign your created application with your company’s private code publishing certificate (typically a PFX or CER file) that contains information about publisher of the software and the signing authority.

Signing the XBAP application is very important because the application has access to OS capabilities of client machine (even the web browser) and client does not allow full access for an unsigned application as it may not be genuine. In order to ensure the client that your application is genuine, you have to sign it with your company’s private code publishing certificate and get authenticated.

Step 3: Deployment in client

Before the application is used in a client machine, it is configured. Configuring the client machine involves,

  1.  Install your private certificate information into the client machine (using your certificate installer), you can refer the procedure from the following link

Install your certificate installer MSI on client machines. After completing this procedure,

  1. Install the Syncfusion Certificate Installer on client machines, you can get this installer package from the following link

These two installers are installed in client machine before you execute the application.


I hope you enjoyed learning about how to create XBAP application with full trust using Syncfusion controls.

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